Sunday, 5 June 2011

Brash is back.

Don Brash is back. He has rode in on his stallion, beheaded the leader of ACT and claimed his throne as King of the Right. His principles are cemented and he may even be equipped with a new mail order bride, who knows. This is all good and well for the moment, ACT was withering and it made for some amusing politics as Rodney and Don tried to hold a drowning friendship above betrayal. The polls aren't showing a tidal wave of support that Brash may have been banking on either, thank God. What keeps me up at night though is the fact that Don has a plan, a plan he is not at all scared to wield. A plan is exactly what English lacks, words from the mans mouth in his pre budget speech to the Institute of Public Administration; "I do not have a pre-prepared master plan sitting in my back pocket."
As far as Key is concerned, a plan would be good, a plan brings purpose and structure and takes ones eyes off of ones shoes. The budget was not a plan, it was a match struck and thrown at the tinder path of progress.

Questioned on whether or not he would replace English with Brash as Minister of Finance, Key responded with a shaky "definitely not in this term." Poor Bill cast a look like an orphaned puppy from his seat to the right of the leader.

My point here is straight forward and logically sound. Brash is a composed madman (I feel evidence is unnecessary), and Key has definitely thought of bringing him in next term. Thoughts are dangerous, hence the likelihood of this disaster taking place can only grow.
To vote National is to fuel Brash. I hope for the liberal and moral founding of New Zealand that I am wrong.

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